Avail hybrid cloud services with StoneFly Cloud Drive

Cloud storage usage has increased to many folds among enterprises these days. However, security and privacy concerns are still haunting the full scale adoption of the said technology. For this reason, businesses nowadays are showing a lot of enthusiasm in going for a hybrid cloud infrastructure. On direct terms, hybrid cloud services are acting as a resource to bridge the gap created by low security public cloud services and high security private clouds.

Industry analyst firm IDC predicts that global cloud market, including private, public and hybrid cloud, will crest to $200 billion by 2018 from $118 million in 2015.

The hybrid cloud definition can be put in the following way- A hybrid cloud is an offering of a private cloud and a public cloud, giving the user the security of a private offering and the low cost of public offering. Here a private offering can be a mix up of on-premises, private cloud or third party offering and an orchestration of it with a public cloud service.

StoneFly Cloud Drive is one such product offering which can act as a hybrid cloud between your on-premises storage appliance and Microsoft Azure. It can be used as a Storage as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), remote OS boot from the cloud, and the provisioning of data stores for physical or virtual environments (such as VMware or Hyper-V).

Users can maintain all of their critical data on premises and push all other data to StoneFly Cloud Drive. They can also use the said virtual storage as a replication medium for advanced disaster recovery purposes as a part of business continuity planning. Advanced business continuity features such as snapshots, asynchronous remote replication, multi geo-mirroring (one-to-many and many-to-one), data deduplication, volume encryption, and thin provisioning are also available.

Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform empowers organizations to fully utilize StoneFly’s backup and disaster recovery features, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite backup inexpensively.

On an overall note, StoneFly Cloud Drives are ideal for protecting mission-critical information.

To know more about this Hybrid Cloud storage just click on the provided web link


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