LAPD will equip 7000 officers with body worn cameras

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) which presently has over 860 officers equipped with body worn cameras will equip 7,000 officers with body worn cameras by the end of 2017. The $69.6 million plan to purchase new cameras was approved by The Los Angeles City Council this year.

If all goes as said, then LAPD will become the largest police force department in whole of United States to strap its officers with body cameras.

City council commissioned a report along with Justice and Security Strategies that found the LAPD would pay less with the body camera program than without it due to potential litigation costs if officers are accused of misconduct.

Last year, in Q3 of 2015 the City Council planned to implement the said program by the end of 2016. It handed over the project of supplying body cameras, uploading equipment, video storage to Taser International at the end of 2015. But the $31 million contract was stalled in mid way early this year due to high price quotes.

Hope, everything goes as per the plan this time!


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