How to contain rising Body worn camera Video Storage costs

Law enforcement agencies which have recently adopted the technology of body worn cameras are finding it hard to contain the costs associated in storing the generated videos. For instance, San Antonio Police department(SAPD) has started using body cameras from early this year and has made each of its officer responsible for archiving video.

Means, each officer has to upload around 800MB of data which has been recorded on the SD cards of the body cameras at the end of the day. On a daily note, the recordings are uploaded to the storage resource which is accessed by Bexar County District Attorney’s office.

Thus, imagine how much video evidence is accumulating at the Attorney’s office on a daily, weekly and monthly note. Presently, as per the info available to the media, 200 officers working for SAPD will generate around 33 terabytes of data every year. Hence, one can easily imagine, how much data is being generated by body worn cameras across all police departments in whole of United States every year.

Want to know how the rising video storage costs can be mitigated.

DNF Security offers a cost effective solution to contain video storage costs for police departments. All DNF Security Falcon series of video recording and storage appliances can be integrated to private cloud storage like StoneFly Cloud Business Center or StoneFly Cloud Drive on Microsoft Azure via DNF Cloud Connection.

Consumers like law enforcement agencies in this instance can deploy these appliances in their premises and record and store all hot or frequently accessed data on the appliances and move cold data to the said cloud platforms.

In this way, the need to buy new appliances gets eliminated as all the archives can be retained on cloud. Remember that users need to pay only for the storage space which is being used on cloud and the bandwidth.

DNF Falcon series of video storage appliances are available in a minimum of 2TB capacity to a maximum of 288TB. So, you will never face capacity issues and might never ever feel the need to buy a new storage appliance in future.


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