Microsoft pays $10000 as compensation for automatic Windows 10 update

Microsoft has paid $10000 as compensation to a customer who lost critical data files after a Windows 10 automatic update. The company paid Teri Goldstein, a California based customer the said amount after the failed update left her computer unusable for days on end.

“I have never heard of Windows 10”, said Goldstein to Seattle Times. She added that “Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update”.

Microsoft has been accused of tricking users into upgrading to Windows 10 after the exit button on a pop-up window activated the download rather than canceled it.

It was proved in the court of law that the automatic update of Microsoft interrupted Goldstein’s work running a travel agency. The update incurred losses for Goldstein and so Microsoft was asked by the court to compensate to cover lost earnings and the cost of a new computer.

Users have reported similar problems in the UK. Accountant Ron Bowen was out of work for nearly a week after his machine upgraded to Windows 10 seemingly of its own choice.

Ron said that he was working on a project on a Windows 8 laptop and suddenly the screen popped out a message that it downloaded a Windows 10 upgrade and needs a restart to make changes to the system. After the restart, the system failed to start and when Ron called Microsoft, he was assured that his system will get a windows 8 OS back. But that did not help.

“I turned on my computer and it came up with an error message”, Ron said. “In the end Microsoft said ‘I’am sorry but something has corrupted in the computer and we cannot do anything else for you”.

Ron is also thinking to sue Microsoft in a UK court for double the said compensation.

Last year on July 29, Microsoft released its latest Windows 10 OS. Since, then to encourage users to adopt the latest OS, the software giant is offering a free upgrade to Win 7 and 8 users.

In an attempt to encourage users to download the new system, Microsoft came under fire for using spam tactics on internet pop ups. But the software giant said that it never indulged in spam tactics and says that it has strictly wedged to its company license policy till date.

Note-After the said date i.e July 29th,2016 each system upgrade to Windows 10 will be priced at $119.

So, will Microsoft compensate all users who say that Windows 10 upgrade has incurred losses to them….? May be not….


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