Security camera installations for farms and cattle ranches

Security is incredible important for agricultural farms and cattle ranches. And video surveillance can help ensure that farm operations run smoothly, making certain that consumers receive a safe quality product in the end, while protecting animals, equipment, plantations and the entire facility from harm or misuse. Security camera deployment in facilities such as shrimp farms can help in

Identifying intruders- When security cameras are placed strategically in a farm they will capture images of anyone entering the property or trespassing on premises. This video evidence can prove helpful when a crime takes place in the premises.

Protected water supply- Since, water acts as life to farm operations the supply needs to be protected at any cost. Farm security cameras can play a critical role in protecting this sensitive area.

Prevent theft and break-ins- Large farms and ranches attract criminals who often steal animals, equipment, produce or have some other motives. By deploying security cameras inside and around the property, farm owners can carry on their business with peace of mind.

Employee monitoring- Security cameras can ensure that daily operations such as milking, sowing, plucking and feeding run smoothly. At the same time they help farm owners from monitoring their employee behavior during work hours.

Considerations when setting up a security camera system in farms and cattle ranches

  • First know whether the farm or the cattle ranch has a history of theft in and around the farm. This will help installers in designing the surveillance camera deployment architecture.
  • Know whether farm has any existing forms of security in place. If so, video surveillance can be integrated with those systems such as intrusion alarms.
  • Ask the farm owner if he/she needs employee activity to be closely monitored. Remember a proper monitoring solution can only be selected upon knowing these details. Like one can select a thermal camera or high MP cameras for monitoring based on the answer of the owner.
  • Ask the owner if the farm has a history of vandalism and tampering of telephone line or electric supply. Also select the camera and housing based on the weather conditions prevailing on the premises.
  • Make a mark of farm’s most sensitive and high risk areas and install the security camera at these choke points for sure.

To know more such tips on security camera installations visit DNF Corporation web page. Although, this company provides Video Storage solutions for surveillance applications, it also offers consulting services for your security surveillance needs.

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