Backblaze wants to end tape existence in enterprise data centers

Backblaze which offers online backup services is offering a new cloud storage service that would be cheaper than competing offerings from Amazon and Microsoft. B2 is the new cloud storage service which was announced as a beta version last year. Now, B2 will be available as a commercial service and will be offered with a service level agreement of 99.9 percent uptime for all data stored within it, matching the baseline offerings from Amazon Web Services S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Service.

According to Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman, the company has shifted away from trying to steal customers away from S3 and other storage services and toward eliminating companies’ reliance on tape-based storage.

Backblaze’s main intention is to make companies stop the usage of tape as a low cost storage media in their premises. For this reason, it is offering B2 cloud storage service where users can take advantage of a “snapshot” feature that lets them select up to 3.5TB of files stored with Backblaze and get them mailed to them on physical drives fro just $189.

It’s similar to a service that Backblaze already offers customers of its cloud backup service, which allows them to get files from their computer mailed to them in the event they need physical access to that information.

Backblaze claims that B2’s new snapshot mailing service will prove as the low cost service to all its “30K and still counting” users. The online backup company also claims that its new solution will act as a boon to all those who hate to store their data on tape for a long time-only to save on costs.

The California based service provider says that instead of relying on tape backups, companies can rely on its new B2 online backup service. Users can store their back up data direct on cloud and when the need arises can access even 3.5TB of data via physical hard drives and mailing services done within 24 hours of request.

Hope, the service meets Backblaze’s expectations!


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