StoneFly offers Gateway appliance for Cloud Acceleration!

Want to increase the performance of data access to and from StoneFly Cloud Drive. Then just deploy a StoneFly Cloud Storage Acceleration Gateway with FlashCache on your local network. By placing this device on your local network, users can accelerate their data transfer between local systems and StoneFly Cloud Drive on Microsoft Azure.

Traditionally speaking, data reads and writes to the cloud are not so speedy that it would be to a local server. Therefore, users who are not so happy with the data transfer speeds over internet can use the said Acceleration Gateway to power up their activity. StoneFly Acceleration Gateway helps in eliminating network bottlenecks forever.

The process goes on as follows- Data is quickly written to and cached on lightning fast solid state drives within the StoneFly Gateway prior to being securely transmitted to remote iSCSI drive of StoneFly. This avoids the need to access data which is on great demand from the cloud, saving costs on bandwidth and improving read performance as the same files do not have to be repeatedly downloads from the cloud to local system.

By expediting the completion of writes, workloads on local workstations and servers are also significantly reduced.

Click on StoneFly Cloud Acceleration Gateway appliance to know more


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