Used hard drives posted on eBay and Craiglist are proving as threat to data security

Users are failing to properly erase data on their hard drives meant for reuse and this is what is posing as a big threat to their data security. A new study has found that most users are unknowingly giving up photos, social security numbers and financial data such as bank statements, by failing to properly delete the files on their recycled hard drives.

Blanco Technology Group, which specializes in data erasure, conducted the study by randomly buying 200 used HDDs from online stores such as Ebay and Craiglist. Their goal was to see how serious were individuals and companies when it comes to data security.

The company discovered that 78 percent of the drives contained residual data that could be recovered and misused. What’s surprising was the fact that the hard drives had critical data such as emails, spreadsheets and customer information of companies related to business verticals such as finance, media production and healthcare.

Technically speaking, old hard drives can prove as a gold mine for hackers. Deleting the files stored inside may seem straight forward for the owner. But simply sending the files into the desktop’s Recycle Bin isn’t enough, Blanco said in its study.

Also there is a generalized notion among PC users that just by running a “quick format” on a hard drive, deletes all the files stored on it. However, this method isn’t foolproof as data can still be recovered just by using some online software tools.

So, what’s the solution?

StorageServers advises that owners use proper data erasure software to properly remove all the files. These tools can work by overwriting all the memory with meaningless data, to ensure that all the previously cached data gets omitted.

Also for companies which are interested in disposing their old hard drives, here’s an advice from our StorageServers blog. Please hand these drives to a responsible e-waste recycler like DNF Recycling.

DNF Recycling which has a certification from US EPA to dispose electronic waste such as PCs servers, storage appliances, hard drives as per the prevailing recycling laws. Based on user’s demand, this California based company will either destroy the drives on a permanent note or will delete the data on hard drives on a reliable note.

Users can then resell those hard drives on online and make money on a later note.

To know more details click on DNF Recycling web page

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