Microsoft nears its 1 billion Windows 10 mark!

Microsoft has officially declared this week that its Windows 10 operating system is functioning on more than 350 million devices. As per the stats available to the media, till May this year, the count was at 300 million and within a 30-days period I.e June end this week a 50 million increase has been witnessed in Windows 10 OS users tally.

Microsoft is confident that at the current adoption rate it will surely achieve 1 billion Windows 10 device mark by mid 2018.

Experts believe that Microsoft’s free OS upgrade offer has caused fast adoption of Windows 10. As per their insight after July 29th, 2016 the adoption rate will fall flat as Microsoft will be charging a fee of $119 for the free upgrade.

Early this month, research firm Gartner has maintained that while corporate adoption of Windows 10 will increase in 2017, it won’t become widespread until 2018.

On and additional note, Microsoft has also announced that it will release a massive update on Windows 10 Anniversary which will be available to the general public on August 2nd,2016.

The anniversary update will include a large suit of new tools for Windows 10 users which includes a revamped set of stylus features with Windows Ink and the Ink Workplace, including improved sticky notes with Cortana support, and a whiteboard or screen capture tool that users can summon from any application.

Microsoft has also announced that the new update will make developers running Ubuntu Bash happy, as it will allow Linux code to run natively right on top of Windows.

The software giant will also offer an update to its not so popular Microsoft Edge browser as it will finally have support to extensions, as well as gestures for navigating back and forward.

A lot of new free entertaining apps will be added to the app store of Microsoft after August 2,2016.

StorageServers will go in depth with all the new features coming with the Anniversary Update as its release approaches further.


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