StoneFly Cloud Drive is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s proven cloud environment

StoneFly Cloud Drive- a virtual dedicated storage on Microsoft Azure’s can act as a remote iSCSI storage on fly, off-site storage for compliance purposes and an advanced disaster recovery platform.

Yes, we know that all this information is a world renowned fact by now. But here’s an info which is little known to the world.

For customers who are concerned on hosting their data on public cloud storage, StoneFly likes to inform you that users are sole proprietors of their own data when they store it on StoneFly Cloud Drive and this is due to the fact that Microsoft Azure sets and adheres to stringent privacy standards.

Coming to the concern of data security, Microsoft Azure has in-built security from the ground up and includes a trustworthy technology foundation, multi-factor authentication for comprehensive identity and access management. On an additional note Azure also has AES 256 encryption for data at rest, Azure Key Vault for easy encryption key management, industry standard transport protocols between user devices and Microsoft Azure data centers as well as within data centers.

Microsoft Azure also offers secure connections between VMs. Its team of cloud security experts are 24/7 available doing penetrating testing to improve security controls and processes.

Users who wish to maintain two or three replicas of their production data in data centers which are geographically separated can do so with Azure as its data centers are spread across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

To know more click on StoneFly Cloud Drive webpage


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