Will Brexit show any impact on backup and Disaster Recovery Market?

Brexit or Britain’s exit from the group of EU nations is now a reality and has already shown its impact on financial markets of nations located around the global. But in reality, there is no need for businesses to panic as the financial crisis will be short term and currency will stabilize in next few months as the political markets will stabilize due to the fact that Britain will still be governed by the laws of EU even after the exit.

Keeping other markets aside, customers may have some initial concerns about data protection and the laws related to safe harbor after Britain’s exit from EU. But in reality there will be little change to the laws of safe harbor even after Brexit as the sovereignty of data will now be between Britain, Europe and the US. As the concern will be the same, Britain might be governed by its own law of keeping data in its own region and dictating certain terms which will match as same as the ones prevailing now.

And as the changes won’t be immediate, companies in Britain will have enough time to prepare and migrate their data on an effective note to wherever its needs to be, as everything is cloud agnostic. At this point, the only criterion will be to move the data with minimum downtime or with uninterrupted operations.

To align with new compliance regulations, companies who stored data on the banks of Britain and in other EU nations can use Backup and Disaster Recovery as a key part of their IT strategy to improve their IT resiliency, giving them the ability to pivot and dynamically react to such a profound geopolitical and economic sea change.

This will make vendors such as StoneFly offering Backup and Disaster recovery appliances, software and cloud based services a lot busy in coming months, as companies will start finding ways to save their mission critical data across disparate systems with almost zero downtime.


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