StoneFly helps consolidate mission critical servers and storage into one appliance

StoneFly helps in consolidating mission critical servers and storage into one easy to manage appliance with its StoneFly Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM). This software based storage is designed perfectly for VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Users get advanced fully featured iSCSI SAN storage appliance within a virtual machine. Its hybrid replication feature helps in advanced disaster recovery and backup operations.

StoneFly SCVM is a Virtual IP Storage Software Appliance that creates a virtual network storage appliance using the existing resources of your virtual server. This virtual SAN storage platform provides an advanced, fully featured iSCSI, Fibre Channel SAN and NAS within a virtual machine to form a Virtual Storage Appliance.

Users will no longer need a separate box for additional storage requirements as they can create networked IP storage along with your server virtual machines, all on the same hardware platform.

By creating a StoneFly iSCSI Target within a VMware or Hyper-V compatible virtual server, StoneFly customers may reallocate existing hardware resources to create a business continuity and disaster recovery solution. StoneFly synchronous mirroring within the datacenter and distributed campus, along with asynchronous mirroring (replication) between remote facilities enables instant disaster recovery and eliminates loss of access to storage during disasters.

Of the available data optimization technologies, data deduplication offers the greatest potential to deliver substantial and recurring impact on the cost and manageability of data growth. StoneFly’s optional deduplication technology provides optimized data deduplication for increased storage efficiency, allowing users to fit 5x to 137x more data (depending on the data mix) within the same storage footprint with minimal impacts to overall performance.

Other premium services for SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance installations include StoneFly’s hardware-enabled block level AES 256 volume encryption, thin provisioning with space reclamation, NAS (support for NFS and CIFS protocols), Scale Out NAS, as well as VSS support for databases such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL.

StoneFly SCVM can be used as primary SAN storage, secondary storage, remote mirroring/replication appliance, local mirroring/replication appliance, backend storage fro an archive appliance, backend storage for security appliance.

Thus, StoneFly users can increase productivity, simplify management, and reduce power and rack space requirements while using SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance with your existing hardware.


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