BIG Data predictions on Euro Football 2016 turning true!

Big Data predictions on UEFA Euro Football 2016 are turning true as Microsoft and Baidu are predicting that France will be the winner of this tournament because of home advantage. However, big data analysts from Bayern Munich who partnered with SAP are predicting that Germany(43%) and Portugal(67%) still stand as favorites

In past few years, almost all European Football teams have started to use statistics and methods to predict their teams performances on international platforms. The first club in the Premier league to do so was Bolton Wanderers and just a couple years later almost every club in the top flight have started using statistics to monitor players as well as overall team performances.

As per the historical performance data, Bayern Munich new probabilities are emerging to forecast the winner as France. This prediction is based on the regression model to predict the number of goals scored by a particular team against a particular opponent using the entire history of mandatory international matches since 1958 i.e when the first European Championship was played.

This clearly indicates that big data is not only transforming sport and is also changing the games that are based on sports.

Strategically speaking, Big data is not only serving sporting fans in predicting the winner; but is also serving industries related to finance, healthcare and retail sectors.

Very recently, Microsoft through its Bing’s search data analysis announced that it can help in detecting pancreatic cancer at an early stage. The software giant has used proprietary logs of 9.2 million web queries on its own Bing search engine and focused exclusively on English Speaking people in US from October 2013 to May 2015. They tracked the characteristics of user search and click activities to capture intentions, which provided data to construct a statistical model for cancer prediction at an early stage.

The examples discussed give a glimpse on how data analytics can help sporting events on a concrete note and have a tangible impact on sporting events.

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