France data center to power itself with car batteries

A France data center will power its entire facility operations with used car batteries. Webaxys which is a web hosting company is building a server facility in Normandu which will use an energy storage system based on used batteries from electric cars made by Nissan Motors. The system, designed by Nissan and Eaton will power all the white space related data center infrastructure located in the facility take advantage of renewable energy, whose intermittent availability requires energy storage for effective use.

By 2020, various auto makers like Nissan, Toyota, and Honda are expected to make about one million lithium ion batteries a year in order to serve all those customers who are buying their electric cars.

Nissan already manufactures electric cars and so will be supplying the said data center with batteries used in its electric cars in an innovative way. The car maker recently tied up with a research lab to make this possible.

As per our sources, researchers from DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, General Motors, and the Swiss Industrial equipment manufacturer ABB have found that electric car batteries generally retain up to 80 percent of their energy storage capacity after the end of their useful life in vehicles.

Nissan will be the first car maker to supply these used batteries to the data center in France which in-turn will draw energy from a solar array and two wind turbines and use the batteries as energy storage units.

AWS has already taken up this project as a pilot program in its Oregon facility. The company has tied up with Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors to make it possible. However, the cloud giant is yet to provide the results to the media.

Webaxys’s new Normandy’s data center will operate with the new concept of using renewable energy stored in used car batteries. The company is also thinking to expand the concept further to its other regional data centers that will run on Nissan and Eaton’s used electric car batteries.

Interesting…..isn’t it?


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