Get Microsoft Windows 10 as a subscription!

Microsoft, the Redmond based software giant is all set to offer its Windows Operating system as a subscription in coming years. Yes, you read it right! The operating system will be available for a subscription fee for a period of one year. After that users need to renew their license to use the services further.

Microsoft calls this pricing tier as ” Windows 10 Enterprise E3″ and will be in lines of Office 365 and Azure subscription services.

From July 29th, 2016 the American software company will stop upgrading Windows 7 and 8 users to Win 10. Instead it will charge $199 as a one time fee for the upgrade for home users after the said period.

Early next year, the company is all set to offer its Windows 10 operating system as an online subscription service for period of one year. The subscription fee is yet to be disclosed by Microsoft. But it’s going to be between $7 to $9 with some extra services available on demand for $3.

Very recently, the company has also updated its end user license agreement which now forbids consumers from filing a class-action lawsuit. This reaction can be due to a recent lawsuit filing where Teri Goldstein sued Microsoft for causing her PC to upgrade to Windows 10 without her explicit permission. She won $10,000 as compensation for data loss and also to purchase a new PC.

So, will the new Windows 10 policy of subscription apply to home users. Probably not- atleast for next couple of years. But remember, Microsoft CEO said that Windows 10 will not have a precede like Win 11 in future. So, it will have only a roll over and so there’s a high probability that home users might face an issue in 2019 or 2020.

More details will be updated shortly!


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