How to deal with end of life equipment in data centers

Data Center managers are always looking for ways to lower the operational costs in their facilities. And the best way to deal with this situation is to deploy the top-grade IT equipment available in the market filled with automation and which is technically far more advanced than the older ones.

But as soon as you buy new equipment and migrate data from old systems to new systems, a big challenge awaits you and that is what to do with the old equipment?

They are two ways to deal with this situation and that is to use the equipment as a secondary resource for all your data center operations like backup or failover systems or to handover the equipment to a responsible IT equipment recycling company.

DNF Recycling a business unit of DNF Corporation is a responsible IT equipment recycling company which is based in California. DNF can act as a one stop solution for your company’s technology disposal. It offers a unique program that provides to its users a hassle free experience of getting rid of legacy enterprise equipment.

The highlights of this company are as follows-

  • DNF offers credit for new purchase based on certain benchmarks formulated as per company rules.

  • On a further note, DNF will arrange for pickup and transportation of the equipment to their location.

  • It will then perform a detailed inventory and assessment of the equipment at their facility and the report will be mailed to the user.

  • Data clean up from hard drives and SSDs will also be done by this company on demand.

  • DNF does recycling in a very responsible way. It carefully disassembles the components and based on the recyclable properties of the components it sends them to recycling units.

  • Those which are hazardous to environment and which are not eligible for recycling will be disposed in compliance with US EPA laws.

Therefore, if your concern is on how to deal with end of life equipment in your data center then DNF is at your service. It will take up the disposal project into its hands giving you peace of mind and enough time to plan for the best for your future data center infrastructure installations.


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