Why don’t you replicate your data to StoneFly Cloud Business Center

Data protection is extremely important these days as it can make or break a business and this is where replication of critical data can help. Let us understand this concept with a simple example.

Suppose your data is hit with a ransomware and all the critical data has been encrypted by the hacker who is demanding a huge sum as ransom. Now, what will you do if that data needs to be accessed for carrying out critical business operations. To make things worse, imagine the data on the backup appliance was also encrypted by the hacker who first sneaked into the network, then the server and then took hold of the entire network—yes in present day scenario where malware is available as a service, the said thing is highly possible.

Now, what will you do if that data remains inaccessible for days or till you pay the said ransom to the hackers. Will you pause your business operations till then?

This is where replication of data to a remote data center makes complete sense. This is actually a proactive approach where the data is replicated to a remote data center and which can be accessed when the need arises—all a part of business continuity planning.

CBC-remote replication

StoneFly Cloud Business Center(CBC) offers to its users Remote Replication services where they can duplicate their data to a virtual storage secured in StoneFly Cloud Business Center. Remote replication to StoneFly’s CBC is an affordable way to quickly add one or more disaster recovery sites for your important data. By replicating data to StoneFly’s Cloud Business Center, users can immediately save on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with operating expenses such as power and cooling costs.

With StoneFly’s Remote Replication service you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected against loss.

Coming to the process of StoneFly Replication, it goes on as follows- As soon as the StoneFly IP SAN appliance user opts for data replication service, a dedicated SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance is allocated to them on StoneFly Cloud Business Center. From then on the replicated data is passed on to the remote appliance.

Users who have concerns on how reliable is StoneFly Cloud Business center, here’s a briefing. All SCVM Virtual storage appliances are hosted on StoneFly’s world Class USS HA Unified Server & Storage Appliances. High performance features include dual hexa core storage virtualization engines, hot swappable disk drives, hardware RAID with cache battery backup for protection against disk failures, redundant hot swappable power supply modules, and multiple iSCSI connections with port teaming, failover and load-balancing to maximize system up-time and allow you unfettered access to your replicated data.

On an additional note, users can also minimize their storage costs on this cloud business center by opting for data deduplication services for increasing storage efficiency. Hence, by going for StoneFly deduplication services users can fit 5x to 137x more data in the same storage footprint.

And remember, each user who opted for Replication service on StoneFly CBC will be the sole proprietor of data. Means, you will be the owner of your data and no one else, including StoneFly, Inc. will take the claim.

Click on the following link of StoneFly Remote Replication to know more


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