Cyber attacks are taking data security concerns to new levels

Data Security has become a prime concern for businesses worldwide. According to a government’s recent research two-thirds of big UK businesses have been hit by cyber attacks with most of the attacks involving spyware, viruses or malware. A quarter of the firms experiencing a security breach did so at least once a month, indicating how the problem is not only present but persistent and a very immediate reminder that businesses need to give security paramount importance. Government stats also revealed that seven out of ten cyber attacks could have been averted adding that only fifth of businesses understand the dangers of sharing information with third parties.

Till a couple of years ago, banks and financial institutions were being treated as soft targets by cyber criminals. But now, things have changed a lot in recent times. Data from business verticals such as healthcare is acting as a treasure trove for hackers selling critical info in the black market.

Therefore, IT managers should be well prepared to counter any of the above said circumstances with confidence. This might mean installing firewalls, and making backups which can be recovered as soon as a disaster strikes, filtering emails and keeping a tab on attachments and last but not the least, encrypting sensitive data.

DNF Corporation can help protect your data from cyber attacks and cyber criminals. The process of securing your data starts with getting detailed asset information on your organization’s hardware and software environment, sensitive data, and current security policy management sets.

Then in assemblage with your corporate objectives the Hayward, California based company will determine the business objectives for encrypting data-at-rest. From these objectives, DNF will derive a plan and proposal to address the policies, architecture, and scope of the project to keep you protected to the fullest.

To know more click on data security link of DNF


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