Kim dotcom Megaupload to return in January 2017!

Kim Dotcom, the tainted Megaupload cloud storage owner is all set to return with new cloud storage in January 2017. The Internet entrepreneur says that new platform will be his best creation and will have a new name.

With multiple legal cases underway in several jurisdictions in US, Kim dotcom is a man with a lot of things in mind. In New Zealand, Kimble (Kim) is fighting extradition to United States. And in US he’s facing a lot of legal cases on charges of copyright infringement, conspiracy, money laundering and racketeering.

As soon as Megaupload was banned by US, Kim started Mega cloud which is now being owned by Kim’s ex wife Mona Verge. Kim has cleared the air that his new cloud storage will not be named after Mega, but will come up with a new name, as he doesn’t want to trouble his ex-wife any further on this note.

Due to some reasons, Kim Tim Jim Vestor (DOTCOM) separated from his wife in 2014 and from then on she was declared to be the director and owner of Mega. But she was ousted from the post just after 4 days, but still holds a large portion of stake in the cloud storage company.

As per the details available to our blog from his twitter account, Dotcom’s new cloud storage will be offered with 100GB of IP Storage and will entertain on-the-fly encryption for security and privacy seekers. The highlight of the new storage is that any user who completes 180 days or six months of using the service will be eligible for a 10GB extra cloud capacity. The capacity will increase on a gradual note for every six months cycle. However, the limit will be restricted to 200GB in future.

“Eight years of knowledge and a long planning period went into this. It will be my best creation yet”, said Dotcom.

Five years ago, MegaUpload owner Kim was slapped with copyright infringement case by US law enforcement authorities. They immediately seized the entire content of the cloud storage and was about to arrest Kim on the said charges for being an owner. But Kim escaped to New Zealand to avoid any arrests.

Later in January 2013, he started a new cloud storage named “Mega” which offered 50 GB for free and 4TB storage for premium customers.

Mega founder is said to launch his new cloud storage on the same day in January 2017 to tease the government on Megaupload raids which took place in January 2012.

Kim Dotcom is also working on a “MegaNet” project which will be a private network for those who are concerned about privacy. But in his latest social media posting, Kim said that the new network coverage can only emerge in 2018 as mobile networks and devices still have to catch ups the his vision.


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