StoneFly NAS support for OpenStack environments!

StoneFly, a wholly owned business unit of DNF Corporation offers Unified Scale Out(USO) Storage appliance which delivers unprecedented scalability and redundancy as a scale out NAS and fully featured SAN(iSCSI and optional FC). USO series of appliances were designed for customer’s requiring powerful storage solution that can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance.

USO is designed for virtualization and virtual desktop environments.

“VDI applications usually contain lots of duplicate data, and block based data which has to be deduped and compressed to reduce storage usage, achieving optimal virtual desktop performance”, said Mo Tahmasebi, CEO & President of StoneFly. He added that StoneFly USO does that on a perfect note and so will prove as a perfect solution for OpenStack- Cinder, Swift and Glance environments.

StoneFly USO was built to not only serve as a backend storage, but can also be used as a remote iSCSI Boot device for diskless OpenStack nodes. Bootable iSCSI Volumes can be created within the StoneFly iSCSI storage pool on the USO appliance and used to implement diskless OpenStack nodes. Users can rapidly and easily increase the quantity of Nova Compute nodes or any other OpenStack nodes by adding diskless blade servers to OpenStack cloud environment using StoneFly remote iSCSI boot.

Diskless OpenStack nodes will enjoy the numerous benefits of StoneFly iSCSI including delta-based snapshots, mountable read-write snapshot volumes, thin provisioning, and real-time synchronous mirroring. Robust optional iSCSI features include hardware-enabled block level AES 256 volume encryption, optimized data deduplication, VSS support and asynchronous replication all combine to make StoneFly the most advanced storage solution currently available for any OpenStack environment.

StoneFly NAS can be used as global scale out storage for OpenStack Block or Volume Storage (Cinder), OpenStack Container or Object Storage (Swift), as well as storage for the OpenStack Image service (Glance). StoneFly USO can be used for a single type of OpenStack storage (e.g. Cinder), or it can be used for any combination of Cinder, Swift and Glance. This is in addition to using the StoneFly USO’s Scale Out NAS and/or iSCSI storage for your regular physical and virtual servers or workstations.

On the hardware side, StoneFly USO Scale Out NAS and iSCSI SAN has single or dual hexa core storage virtualization engines. This device has a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB data packet and command queuing cache for Systems Security Program Plan(SSPP). StoneFly USO has RAID 0,1,3,5,6,10,30,50 and 60 protection with RAID cache battery backup. A 12GB SAS technology support is also available. Users can go for a fully populated hard drives or SSD appliance or for a tiered storage. The appliance has active-active controllers to provide the utmost reliability and high availability.

For more details click on StoneFly Unified Scale out NAS and iSCSI SAN appliance

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