Data Security alert- Youtube videos spreading malware!

Data Security has turned paramount for those regularly watching Youtube Videos on Android and Mac OS based devices. A muffled voice hidden in a YouTube video can issue commands to a nearby smart phone without the user’s knowledge. This can lead to serious consequences to those using their device for banking activities and for email services.

According to Micah Sherr, a professor from Georgetown University, voice recognition software usage has taken off swiftly on phones thanks to services like Google Now and Apple Siri. But voice software’s can make it easier to hack devices.

The professor says that it might not work every time, but it’s just a number game. If a million people watch an Ice Bucket Challenge video which has secret video embedded in it, 10K of them might have their phone nearby. If 5k of those loads a URL with malware on it, then all those 5000 smart phones will be under attacker’s control.

Most of the music videos, sensational & controversial videos, sporting events based videos, speeches of celebrities like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton recent speeches, Donald Trump speech which have a lot of clicks, movie videos are said to be infected with malware. As soon as the user clicks these videos out of enthusiasm, they happen to click the malware filled URL which can infect their nearby phones with voice recognition virus. The infected PC will have the malware located in its OS files which spread the malware to other devices as soon as they connect via BlueTooth or Wi-Fi.

The voice recognition malware can stay in the device for up to a year without any update to infect other devices within its range. The voice commands offered by the malware are modulated to mimic user’s voice and so all apps which use the user’s voice recognition as security login will open up to the hacker.

To guard against the threat, developers of voice recognition software could incorporate filters to differentiate between human and computer generated sounds.

For users, there’s not much they can do, as most of the process takes place in the background and in the OS files.

But yeah! You can do one thing- just limit you’re watching and just keep their fingers crossed and hope that they do not access such infected videos.


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