DNF Security can help mitigate risks related to Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is nothing but violence or the threat of violence against workers. It can occur outside the workplace and can range from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and homicide, one of the leading causes of job related deaths. As per a recent survey carried out by UN Council, some 2 million American Workers are victims of workplace violence each year which can happen anywhere and no one is immune to it.

So, under these circumstances, employers or companies should offer best protection i.e to establish zero tolerance policy towards workplace violence against or by their employees.

To start with, employers or companies should deploy video surveillance systems in their respective premises. This helps in providing video evidence in the court of law when the need arises to prove that the activity has surely taken place on premises.

Now, to those who wonder how retaining surveillance videos can leverage risks associated with workplace violence, here’s a brief explanation with an example.

Suppose, a employee has left your organization for some reason and suddenly one day( say after 3 months) turns up at the workplace saying that since she was physically abused by one of her seniors and so she left the organization without any prior notice.

CEOs or persons related to Human Resource can immediately refer to the CCTV video and see if what is being claimed is true or false.

If it is true, the necessary action can be taken immediately. If not, the employee who turned up with false claims can be legally prosecuted and terminated.

Imagine your organization has a policy of retaining security surveillance videos for only a week or two due to high operational costs. Then the employee who turned up after three months with a false claim will have an upper hand. She can sue the individual or the entire organization for an enormous sum and this is where video evidence can help.

However, as times passes, escalating video storage costs can make employers put a break on the practice of storing CCTV events.

But these costs can smartly be leveraged by using DNF Security Falcon series of Video Storage appliances which can be integrated with DNF Cloud Connection.

All Falcon series of video storage appliances offered by DNF can be integrated with Live recordings continue to be stored directly on the Falcon appliance’s local storage, while archived footage can be written to and read from a secure StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted on Microsoft Azure or the StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

StoneFly Cloud Drives utilizing remote block or file storage are created as a virtual drive on the Falcon that will be recognized as if it were a regular disk drive. Easily add mass amounts of storage for video archives on the Falcon in a matter of minutes, all without any investment in additional servers and storage appliances.

Combining a StoneFly cloud drive subscription with a Falcon Video Storage Appliance will immediately save on capital and operating expenses, enabling organizations large and small to implement off-site video archival and backup inexpensively.

Thus, by using DNF Video storage appliances at workplace, recordings from high definition cameras can be stored for longer periods of time. This helps employers to retain data for longer periods of time on an economical note and save themselves and their organizations from false claims.


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