StoneFly’s Press Notification for Veeam Resellers and Veeam Customers

Veeam+StoneFly+Azure Cloud = Turnkey Solution for Enterprise Backup & DR

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Veeam and Microsoft have partnered with StoneFly to offer state-of-the-art storage options leveraging StoneFly’s Scale Out NAS Cloud Storage in Azure.  Veeam resellers and service cloud providers can increase their market share in backup and disaster recovery when offering this turnkey solution to their customers.

On its own, Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise (VCC-E) Virtual Machines in Azure are limited in their storage capacity, making it necessary to implement additional scale out solutions.  Based on the many requests for additional storage space, methods, or other solutions to add flexibility to the storage options available to the enterprise customer in Microsoft Azure — Veeam, StoneFly and Microsoft have teamed up to offer the ultimate backup and disaster recovery solution.

By combining Veeam and StoneFly solutions, customers can bypass the capacity size constraints within Azure; quickly and easily add more capacity without sacrificing performance and throughput, and best of all; manage multiple Cloud Drive nodes with just a single interface.

StoneFly’s Scale Out NAS Enterprise Cloud Drive in Microsoft Azure can be used to:

  • Create volumes up to 8TB/16TB/32TB/64TB per node (size depends on maximum number of Azure data disks included for the machine size selected)

  • Store Veeam backup files larger than 1TB (up to the volume size on that node)

  • Scale out those volumes across multiple nodes for nearly an unlimited amount of storage in each volume

  • Scale up your performance – data throughput aggregates as you add more storage nodes

Here are a few links to help you with our product:

  • Set up a free trial account to test your Veeam backup with our StoneFly Scale Out NAS Enterprise Cloud Drive.

  • View the Veeam + StoneFly + Azure Deployment Guide with detailed instructions on how to configure Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise using StoneFly Cloud Drive with Scale Out NAS Storage on Microsoft Azure for the ultimate cloud backup solution.

  • Find general information on our web site about StoneFly Cloud Drives for Azure and the various versions we offer including iSCSI with exceptional data services including snapshot, replication, deduplication, encryption and much more.

StoneFly Cloud Storage can be found around the world in Microsoft Azure datacenters.  Our partnership with Microsoft provides our customers with uniform deployment of our storage, hyper-converged backup and disaster recovery appliances as physical or virtual solutions via on premise, remote, private or public cloud installations.

 StoneFly also has a turnkey solution for enterprises that allows them to connect their on premise Veeam instances to Microsoft Azure, and we offer a full range of Veeam backup appliances for your on premise and remote location requirements.

Please let us know if you would like to schedule a demo or need assistance with your Veeam backup/cloud installation.

MO Tahmasebi

CEO & President

StoneFly, Inc

Veeam+ StoneFly+ Azure Cloud YouTube video presentation

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