Will Microsoft pay compensation to all the victims of Windows 10 forced upgrade?

Redmond Giant Microsoft might land up in a legal soup in coming days for forcing Windows 10 upgrade onto its Windows 7 and 8 users. According to Rockland Country Times, US Attorney-General Eric Schniederman is now accepting legal suits from Microsoft customers who have suffered in some way or the other as the result of the software giant’s black hat marketing techniques.

As per the report Eric has succeeded in gathering the confidence of around 31 people who somehow or the other happened to the victims of Microsoft forced upgrade. The media source’s disclosure has also made Attorney- Generals from other states begin actively pursue cases against Microsoft for the same reason.

Very recently, Microsoft paid out $10,000 for forcing Windows 10 onto a California woman and wrecking her work computer, which halted her entire business.

This lawsuit is now acting as an inspiration for all those who have been victims of Microsoft’s forced Win 10 upgrade.

After seeing all these developments, Microsoft has made some recent changes to its Windows 10 license terms- where users installing its OS from now cannot approach the court of law, if something goes awry during and after installation.

However, Attorney Generals showing interest in the lawsuits say that the new arbitration clause is not bullet proof and exhibits the same set of flaws which existed earlier.

StorageServers Comment- Users who are not willing to go for a Windows 10 upgrade should make a note of the fact that all the future computing devices compatible with Microsoft will and should work on Windows 10 OS. This includes Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phablets, 2-in-1’s, fanless PCs and all other touch interface devices like Refrigerators, Televisions- as a part of IoT will work on Windows 10.

So, for all the geeks out there- you can’t avoid working with the said OS in future.



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