Advantages of using StoneFly SSO for OpenStack Shared Storage

Cinder users can add volumes to increase storage, but cannot expand those volumes any further. StoneFly Super Scale Out(SSO) NAS can help overcome this limitation as it offers the privilege of expanding the volumes for Cinder Block Storage by either adding Bricks(drives) or additional scale out NAS nodes.

  • Since volumes can be easily expanded across multiple SSO scale out NAS appliance nodes, the volume for OpenStack will expand readily and expansion is nearly limitless.
  • This proves as a cost effective alternative to use local storage.
  • Users do not lose access to their data when a compute node goes down as StoneFly SSO have hardware RAID and redundant hot swappable power supplies offering almost zero downtime.
  • StoneFly SSO deployment in OpenStack environments can help re-purposing of storage for other physical and virtual server needs.
  • SSO offers the flexibility to scale/expand and increase the performance of a particular volume since users are not limited by the number of disks in a single physical machine.
  • Management and recovery of compute node such as Nova is much easier with SSO as users can restart the computing nodes for new instance.

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