US 2016 Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton data hacked

SkyNews, a Britain based renowned news resource has disclosed that Russian government hackers have succeeded in penetrating Democratic National Committee (DNC)s computing network and stole research data of US 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

This news was confirmed by DNC’s chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz this week. But she confirmed that no information including financial or personal details of donors, appeared to be compromised in the hack.

Ms Debbie called this incident as very serious related to data security and said that committee is working with a special team from FBI to kick out the intruders and secure the network.

As per the SkyNews post, intruders- termed as Russian spies, gained access of DNC computers a year ago. They also succeeded to spy on some of the data of Trump till May last year. Fortunately, an alert was received by the fed in right time and they succeeded to expel the intruders over the past weekend.

Ms. Debbie admitted that intruders were able to read all emails and chat traffic of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Washington Post came with something interesting yesterday evening. The news sources added that Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton’s network was also hacked and all her personal information on her future campaign has been compromised.

Although, the Russian Embassy spokesperson denied having any knowledge of the hack, Cyber security Firm CrowdStrike, which helped FBI do the clean up said that two Russian Hacking groups were involved in the hack and the first of which gained access last summer.

Dmitri Alperovitch, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer, told Reuters his firm began assisting the DNC in May, about a month after the second group penetrated the system.

He said that one of the groups called Cozy Bear, is related to Russia’s Federal Security Service(FSB).

Note- FSB is run by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mr Alperovitch is sure that the second group, nicknamed Fancy Bear, is working on behalf of Russian Military.

Cyber attacks will increase on federal networks in coming years as election date nears. US National Intelligence director James Clapper is confident that his cyber security teams will stay on toes for combat.

Note- James is the same person who readily admitted to the media that he tape-covers his laptop’s web camera and audio ports due to data security concerns.

The 58th quadrennial US Presidential elections this year will be held on November 8th,2016.


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