US Nuclear facilities using obsolete systems due to data security concerns

Surprising! But now its a fact that nuclear facilities in United States are using obsolete computers due to data security concerns. As per the documents released by the US Audit Chamber, most of the nuclear arsenal of the country are still using old servers and storage media like floppy drives which are now considered as extinct by the whole world.

According to the docs available to the media, American Systems of nuclear weapons are still using IBM series 1 computer for their principal computing operations like managing nuclear bombers, Intercontinental Missiles with nuclear warheads and other critical operations. This system is said to have an 8 inches floppy disk drive which allows disks to store 237.25 KB of data. Remember even a flash disk drive these days will have the capability to store data equal to 130,000 of these disks. Means, if you add disks to one pack, it will raise a tower of 200 meters.

In 2013, Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) was brought into light and was enacted in December 2014. As per this act, all federal agencies should follow the guidelines and set of tools formulated as per the act. This procedure was induced to allow agencies to better manage and secure IT systems operating in their limits.

FITARA empowers agency CIOs with specific authorities that enhance their role and responsibility for the management of IT resources. There is also a governing body which will oversee the process until quality IT management structures and processes are in place and are giving their best.

Now, the big question?

If all these stipulations are already in place then how come the authorities at American systems of nuclear weapons are failing to follow these rules?

When the IT infrastructure at this facility is being used to manage critical operations related to National security, then how are these people relying on old and obsolete systems which are easily prone to sophisticated malware existing in today’s world?

Companies like DNF Defense which offer servers and storage solutions along with Hyper Converged infrastructure for military and defense sectors are ready to help all these organizations. DNF is already having a customer base related to military and defense.

Then why doesn’t American Systems of Nuclear Weapons take the assistance of such companies in modernizing their data center infrastructure.

Advise- It’ s better to stay proactive rather than reactive in this digital world.


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