Why is Veeam partnering with StoneFly for Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage

Veeam StoneFly Azure

Veeam Cloud Connect for Enterprise Virtual Machines in Azure are limited in their storage capacity- means it cannot backup files larger than 1TB. That’s due to the fact that when a VM is created on Microsoft Azure, one of more 1TB disks can be attached to it where each disk is set at 1023GB. Users can attach a maximum of 8 or 6 disks, although some of the pricey machines can support 32TB or 64TB per VM.

Windows and Linux operating systems can be configured to span or stripe these disks to create a single 16TB volume. Though the created volume can store 16TB of data, it cannot store any individual files larger than 1TB because of the Azure page blobs running in the back end.

Thus, it becomes impossible for Veeam Cloud Connect users to upload a Veeam back file of more than 1TB to a backup repository in Microsoft Azure for disaster recovery.

StoneFly Scale Out NAS Cloud Drive for Microsoft Azure not only solves the 1TB file size limitation, but also allows users to scale out one or more volumes across multiple Azure VMs to create a nearly unlimited amount of storage for Veeam Backups.

StoneFly Cloud Drive offers to its users Pay-as-You-Go model storage where they can scale out the storage as per business growth. Management is easy as users can use a single GUI Login for managing all of the cloud drive nodes in the StoneFly Scale Out Configuration in Azure. Moreover, the StoneFly Scale Out NAS drives can easily integrate with existing Active Directory servers to simplify user setup and secure data access.

Other highlights

  • StoneFly Cloud Storage can be found around the world in Microsoft Azure data centers.
  • This wholly owned business subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory also has a turnkey solution for enterprises that allows them to connect their on premise Veeam instances to Microsoft Azure.
  • StoneFly also offers a full range of Veeam backup appliances for on-premise and remote location requirements.

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