Facebook Prineville Data centers inside look

Early this week, Facebook opened the doors of its Prineville, Oregon data center for the world to sneak into its facility. When most companies hesitate to give their employees full access to their data centers, the social media giant has dared to expose its Prineville server facility to the whole world.

To go with the record, Prineville was the first server farm of Facebook which now houses three massive buildings spanning 350,000 square meters in size. In coming months a new building will add to the space measuring 450,000 square feet and having the capacity to hold a modern aircraft carrier such as Boeing 747.

Very recently, Facebook has purchased more than 2000 old Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices to test its Facebook apps on those old Android and Mac OSes. Facebook’s intentions on doing so are to offer its services even on older devices which most of the people around the world could afford and use. The company has also given an update on this issue through its photo gallery.

Highlight- Most of the Facebook’s data center space is lit with blue lights. The Engineers term blue light as a pronouncer of calm and soothing environment. Moreover, they say that the LEDs emitting blue light will consume less power than the ones emitting white light.

No matter what they think, the environment in Facebook gives us kinky thoughts…..aren’t it?

Click on the link of Facebook to view the photos of its Prineville data cente

Courtesy: CNET


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