StoneFly storage Gateway can connect your legacy storage to cloud and provide data services

Legacy storage systems which do not have a provision to connect to virtual cloud platforms (public or private) and which do not offer data services like data deduplication, snapshots, thin provisioning and encryption can use a StoneFly USC SAN Gateway to re-purpose your storage.

It can be a Dell, NetApp or EMC’s legacy data storage, all you have to do is connect it with StoneFly USC and just enjoy innumerable benefits.

StoneFly USC is an ideal solution to consolidate all server and storage systems into one easy to manage and redundant appliance with hot swappable mirrored OS drives and power supplies.

Users can assign or provision all or part of their existing storage through their existing or preferred available interface such as iSCSI, FC, Infiniband and SAS. After creating the new storage pool, users can create new volumes for all of their hosts.

As the new volume is now part of StoneFly storage, users can now avail all the data services like encryption, mirroring, replication, data deduplication and thin provisioning.

Use of virtualized operating system allows complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power and cooling costs. Additional VMware compatible Virtual Machines can easily be installed on the StoneFly USC SAN Storage Gateway appliance to further reduce hardware costs and data center overhead.

For environments which require high availability, StoneFly USC HA is available in 1U, 2U and 3U form factors.

To know more about specs, click on StoneFly Storage Gateway Appliance


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