Get Windows 10 free upgrade or a Free Dell Notebook from Microsoft

Microsoft is openly offering a challenge based offer to all its users till July 29th, 2016. The software giant is offering a free same-day upgrade to Windows 10 users in United States and Canada. If the help desk of Microsoft fails to provide a free upgrade to the user PC, then it will give a free Dell Inspiron 15 inches notebook to those unfortunate customers and it can be a signature edition.

According to media update on Microsoft website, users need to have a PC which meets the requirements of Windows and must have genuine OS of either Windows 7 to 10 upgrade or Windows 8 to 10 upgrade on it. If the PC meets all the requirements, then users can just walk into their nearest Microsoft retail store and ask them to upgrade. The help desk guys will also check whether the Pc is upgradeable to Windows 10 or not. If it is, then they will offer you a free upgrade within 15 hours of arrival at their store. If not, they will reward you with a new Dell Inspiron 15 inch PC.

However, they might not help you in regaining you lost data, so better keep a backup of it on a cloud drive.

If the Pc isn’t compatible with Windows 10 free upgrade install, then they will recycle it and give the user a $150 discount of purchase of a new PC from their store.

Also users can save $20 on Office 365 Home when they upgrade to Windows 10.

Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to get the best Windows ever, for free. To find out how to win an Xbox One when upgrading, see a store associate.

Find your store in the following link of Microsoft and register today.

Five reasons not to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10



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