StoneFly Backup appliances are loaded with Veeam Software

StoneFly offers data backup appliances in its product catalog which are loaded with Veeam software. Thus, those who are intending to upgrade their data centers with new purpose built backup appliances can use StoneFly Backup and Recovery appliances which are loaded with worlds leading backup software.

StoneFly Z series of DR Backup Appliances loaded with Veeam software offer users a total backup solution for all their physical and virtual server and workstation needs from a single box. Users can manage all of their backup operations from data center or office with a single management console. Z series of backup appliances are available in integrated solutions of 4 to 24 drives or modular configurations with up to 128 drives per appliance.  Embedded Hypervisors allows backed up VMs and New users created VMs to be spun up directly on the Z series of appliance.

StoneFly M series DR Backup appliance- StoneFly M series of backup and disaster recovery solution provides you with a total backup solution for all of your physical and virtual servers and workstations in a single affordable mini-tower. Manage all of your backup operations for your datacenter or office with a single central management console. M-Series appliances are available in storage capacities up to 32 Terabytes.

Note – StoneFly also offers cloud based backup and recovery service. StoneFly Cloud Backup Connect and StoneFly Cloud Disaster Recovery Service are a part of StoneFly’s online backup and recovery services.


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