Microsoft Stream to compete with Google YouTube

Microsoft has finally launched a video streaming service which is said to compete with Google’s Youtube. The software giant made a beta launch on Monday and the service is called as Stream for enterprises. Stream is supposed to let people easily work together with one another on videos and then share that content both inside and outside their business.

As promotion and distribution of video content is a hit among consumer web services, companies like Facebook has been encouraging video posts on their respective social media platforms. Microsoft is trying to tap this market and bring it to the business world with the launch of Stream as a beta service.

Stream allows users to log into a video portal that lets them see all of the videos that are shared with them, and do things like subscribe to channels, add comments, follow and share the content with outside world.

Stream users can easily upload the videos to the services by dragging and dropping files from their computers. The service will then process the video and will let people add titles, description, and even a caption file so that hearing impaired viewers can read along with what’s being said.

Microsoft will also allow users to share permissions that can let anyone in an organization view a video, or isolate it from a section of individuals or groups.

Stream’s entire video storage will be on Microsoft’s Azure Media Services; a cloud based video streaming system that Microsoft has built up to host a variety of products including public cloud video encoding services used for Olympics and Skype meeting broadcast, a service that lets Skype for business customers send video feed to 1000s of viewers at a time.

Enterprise users need to subscribe to Stream and use the service for a specific price. It will have different tools for sharing video internally like SharePoint and Office 365 video.


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