Veeam users can now upload 2TB size backup files to Microsoft Azure for disaster recovery

Veeam backup solution users who want to upload a backup file of more than 1TB file size to Microsoft Azure couldn’t do so all these days. Backup files or snapshots are nowadays growing more in file sizes which can sometimes be more than 2TB.

The reason why Azure doesn’t allow its users to upload backup files of more than 1TB is that as soon as a virtual machine is created in Microsoft Azure, one or more 1TB disks can be attached to it- taking the total capacity to 8TB or 16TB per VM. Sometimes premium users can also get a capacity support of 32TB or 64TB per VM.

However, even though users can store up to 16TB of data (each disk storing 1024GB of data), they cannot upload an individual file which is more than 1TB because Azure page blobs do not support such file uploads in backend.

Thus, all those who are using Veeam Cloud Connect to upload a Veeam backup file of more than 1TB capacity to a backup repository in Microsoft Azure for Disaster Recovery cannot do so due to certain field restrictions.

StoneFly’s Scale Out NAS Cloud Drive for Microsoft Azure not only solves the 1TB file size limitation, but also allows the user to “scale out” one or more volumes across multiple Azure VMs to create a nearly unlimited amount of storage for your Veeam backups. This means, users can not only store data to a 32TB limit, but can scale out to even Petabytes of storage in a single StoneFly Scale Out NAS node in Azure.

For this reason, very recently Veeam has partnered with StoneFly to offer state-of-the-art storage options leveraging StoneFly’s Scale Out NAS Cloud Storage in Microsoft Azure.

Here’s a Youtube Link explaining the necessity of integration in detail.


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