Cloud NAS market is booming says survey!

Global market for NAS storage and solutions is said to pass $17 billion mark, expanding at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 21 percent during the intervening years. This was predicted in a survey conducted by Technavio on data storage industry market.

“The cost effective nature of NAS Storage makes it a preferred choice among enterprises,” said Technavio’s lead analyst Rakesh Kumar. He added that the adoption of NAS systems is high in enterprise environments and is driving vendors of NAS to begin creating customized NAS solutions for large businesses that are looking at NAS as a full-fledged information management solution.

Research firm Technavio expects large IT organizations will increasingly invest in NAS systems capable of storing Petabytes of data over the next few years. NAS capacities will surge to meet these demands. Innovations such as highly available Scale Out NAS solutions will be in great demand.

The survey predicts that industry will witness a growing popularity of cloud enabled NAS storage. Vendors will involve in integrating the existing NAS system with the popular cloud storage service. NAS systems used in cloud data centers for storage provisioning purposes will take a regard of integrating themselves to cloud storage. This trend is said to gain more traction in future as it allows overall control over the latest data in the NAS and facilitates the backup and archiving of data onto the cloud.

Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of StoneFly, Inc concurs with the predictions of the survey firm. Her further adds his perspective and says that the demand for Remote Scale Out NAS storage hosted on public cloud such as Microsoft Azure will also pick up in coming months. Companies looking to add storage on fly; looking to save money on CapEX and OpEx costs and those which require off-site storage for regulatory compliance will prefer going for cloud based NAS solution.

Tahmasebi feels that a Remote Scale Out NAS Storage allows business to scale out as per their growth by adding nodes without losing performance and bypassing any storage capacity size constraints with ease.

On a final note, Technavio’s survey predicts that the future of NAS offerings will be highly influenced by big data analytics. As traditional storage systems fall short of enabling businesses to run business analytics, better storage systems that are suitable for analytical purposes will trigger the spate of product innovations during the forecast period.


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