Get a 10TB remote iSCSI drive with StoneFly

StoneFly offers the privilege of easily adding huge amounts of storage to your workstation or server in just a matter of few minutes all without any investment in new servers and storage appliances.

StoneFly’s Virtual Dedicated Storage is created on users workstation and server and all that data is streamed to a remote data center called StoneFly Cloud Business Center. Users using the capacity on workstation or servers will think that the drive is stored on the server. But in reality, it is stored safely in a remote data center of StoneFly.

Remote iSCSI drives offer the privilege to add storage on fly and so users subscribing to the Virtual Storage of StoneFly will immediately save on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with operating expenses such as power and cooling costs.

Advanced storage management features that are available in StoneFly iSCSI and FC SAN appliances are also available on the virtual cloud drive. Those include deduplication, thin provisioning and storage snapshot.

Users storing data on StoneFly Remote iSCSI Drive will be the sole proprietors of their data. StoneFly will never have the capability to access the user data stored on its cloud business center.

When it comes to data security, StoneFly hardware enabled block level AES 256 Volume Encryption protects data to core. The 256 Bit AES encryption is an international standard which ensures data in encrypted and decrypted as per US government’s approved standards. The procedure is different than the one which is usually found.

AES chip built on Flash Drive automatically encrypts and decrypts data in a much faster and secure way than a software based encryption which is usually carried out by an encryption program. This offers utmost security authenticity to all those storing their data on the virtual storage platform.

For more details click on the link of StoneFly’s Cloud Storage.

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