US Presidential Elections 2016 big data a boon or a bane to voters?

As the date to US Presidential Elections 2016 is fast approaching, US Elections 2016 leading candidates from both parties are getting busy in sieving data of potential voters who could cast their vote in favor of them. FYI, the big data related to voters is available to political parties in such detailed format that you have no say in what is being collected.

The desire to know who will turn as a favorable voter is making political parties spend millions on big data campaigns. The obtained data helps them chop up voters into interest groups such as minorities, blue collar workers, soccer moms, the religious right, progressives, boomers, NASCAR dads, union members, retirees, rich, and some other occupational groups ranging from healthcare to doctors.

And for 2016 United States Presidential Election, you can’t believe the info which is available to the campaigners. According to Forbes, political parties are having data which discloses the voting history of individuals, political party’s contributions of opposition, and volunteer history.

The voters info is granular to such a level that it also includes social media details such as friends, likes on Facebook, YouTube views, LinkedIn Profiles, Activity on Pin interest, Tumblr, Instagram and Reddit to who a person follows on twitter or who they retweet.

The info also includes details such as the individual owns a house or is renting, whether they have a vacation home, permits, license, number of cars, any boats or cruise ownership along with the info on chartered flights.

Wondering how such detailed info is available to the campaigning probables of US Presidential Elections of 2016 Polls?

Well, its simple- money can buy anything in this world and that too unless and until you spill all this stuff at some point of time. For instance, if you donate to a campaign, one of the first things you see is a detailed inquiry made by the party and that’s enough to spill all your details to the world.

Here the major concern is not the data which is available to the campaigners, but the protection, retention, and destruction of the data collected after the elections.

What if it falls into the wrong hands such as hackers or marketers?

Because when money can buy data which is meant to be prerogative, then a small or a big amount of it can move the data into wrong hands.

As every technology has its own pros and cons, big data analytics is also proving as a powerful tool to make or a break a federal government (in this instance).

As per our record, US have a General Data Protection Regulation in place which includes right to erasure after usage- yeah a similar law which also exists in EU.

But all seems to fair when it comes to US Presidential Elections 2016 Predictions.


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