Video surveillance growth needs a strong support from video storage vendors

Demand for high definition video evidence has augmented these days and that’s because of an increase in terrorist activities and other crimes. Factually speaking, identification of criminals is only possible when video evidence is well defined and that’s what is boosting the market for HD or megapixel cameras.

High Definition cameras or Mega Pixel cameras allow evidence to be captured in high resolution. This offers users the privilege of not only identifying the faces of subjects, but also to implement video analytics such as facial recognition in order to make security surveillance deployment proactive in nature.

However, the implementation of HD cameras also brings in some trouble in the form of high video storage consumption. This can also influence decision makers to such an extent that they can either postpone the idea of upgrading their present set of security cameras to HD resolution or limit their usage to just the choke points.

DNF Security offers a cost effective solution to troubles related to video storage consumption from HD security cameras. All DNF Falcon series of video storage solutions can be integrated with DNF video surveillance cloud storage for video archival needs.

With this feature, live recordings continue to be stored directly on DNF Security Falcon’s local storage, while archived footage can be written to and read from the StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted in Microsoft Azure or the StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

This innovative provision eliminates the need to buy new storage for archival purposes. Furthermore, users just need to pay for the capacity they are using in the cloud.

Note- To users who are concerned about security and privacy, DNF assures that you will be the sole proprietors of your data that’s being stored in the cloud.

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