New York based retail store buys StoneFly Backup disaster recovery appliance for business continuity

StoneFly has bagged another big customer from retail segment in New York. The retail store( name withheld due to NDA) which sells food and unbranded fuel, also operates a bakery and a small distribution center on a simultaneous note. The IT team of the store wanted to upgrade their backup environment with a disk based backup system offering replication feature for advanced disaster recovery. It wanted a system which was a ‘set it and forget it’ type of product.

StoneFly Z Series DR Appliance, a disk based appliance offered resilience and perfectly matched the needs of retail giant.

The StoneFly disaster recovery solution

New York based retail store was in a quest to protect its valuable data and so wanted a disk based backup system which can streamline its nightly data protection procedures in a timely manner.

Earlier the retailer was using a combination of tape and disk to backup up its mission critical information. But the process was proving time consuming and laborious for its IT team which then decided to go for a forklift upgrade of its backup systems.

They wanted a single backup disaster recovery solution to handle their backups in an automated way . Disk solutions do such stuff with utmost reliability and are simple to use.

The retailer chose StoneFly company which offers backup and disaster recovery as per the market needs. The company’s Z series DR appliance is a disk based back up solution which also has deduplication data service as a highlighting feature. This feature has the ability to reduce the volume of backed up data by up to 70%, thus maximizing backup speed.

A two-site StoneFly Z series Disaster Recovery solution was purchased by the retailer. The first one was to be located in the company’s primary data center in New York and the second system was installed in another corporate data center 60 miles away. Data was be replicated between the two systems as a part of disaster recovery plan. The appliance was to work with company’s backup application, Veeam Availability software.

StoneFly Z-Series appliances are available in integrated or modular configurations. An optional embedded hypervisor allows backed up VMs to be spun up directly on the Z-Series appliance. With this appliance on premise, every backup can automatically be converted into a virtual machine.

These Virtual Machines can then be quickly spun up and hosted on the Z-Series appliance (hypervisor upgrade required). This feature is quite useful for business continuity in production environments, if in case, a physical server or workstation goes down and needs to be repaired.

Replica Virtual Machines can also be used for any testing including non-invasive compliance testing.

The backup engine also includes snapshot, one-pane management, SSL-encryption, data deduplication at the source and target, compression, and much more.

StoneFly Z series of Disaster Recovery appliance has the capability to backup operating systems, databases, software apps, user settings, folders and data files. It can also entertain special server needs from SQL, Exchange, Windows, Linux, Xen, RHEV, Oracle VM servers and VMware servers.

Users can copy backup images to tapes or portable hard drives for additional level of disaster recovery. Those tapes or external hard drives can then be transported off to a separate premises to be safely stored in offsite vaulting. If a catastrophe strikes, those offsite backups can then be used to restore the user data on a new machine.

If they do not want to go through this manual slogging, then they can replicate the backed up data to a StoneFly Cloud Drive for advanced disaster recovery.

The Result

With StoneFly Z series DR appliance on premise, the retailer is having plenty of disk space left to accommodate future growth. All thanks to the company’s dedup feature which optimizes data with greatest potential to deliver substantial and recurring impact on the cost and manageability of data growth.

As the retail store needs to adhere to Payment Card Industry(PCl) standards, related data from credit and debit cards needs to be handled and stored in a sensitive way. By installing a two site backup system, stringent PCl requirements can easily be complied, as data backups can better be tracked by periodic audits to demonstrate that the data is properly being stored in a secure way.

StoneFly Z series Disaster Recovery solution was designed to be a turnkey product that can easily be installed, maintained and administered. Furthermore, a back end support is provided to the customer by StoneFly on demand.

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