StoneFly offers Scale out NAS as single access point for enterprise wide file sharing

StoneFly a pioneer in offering highly available storage solutions from time to time is offering a Scale out NAS which can act as a single access point for enterprise wide file sharing. StoneFly Super Scale out NAS and StoneFly Twin Scale out NAS (Highly Available) can act as unified platforms to store blocks, file, objects and big data.

In this digital world, businesses need to have access to nearline data for different purposes. For example, staff working for companies offering construction related architectural services need to have access to designs to their previously approved projects for reference purposes.

They do not know when the need arises, but the staff of the said companies needs to store that data which is often a mixture of text, image and videos. At the same time, they need to do it on a storage solution which can act as an on-premises sharing solution on an economical note.

StoneFly Scale Out NAS can act as an apt centralized storage solution for all enterprise applications such as the one specified above.

Stonefly Scale Out NAS is a distributed file system that can be scaled out to several Petabytes of storage all while handling thousands of clients. It functions as a distributed data overlay, polling together storage building blocks.

Means, users can add nodes as per their business growth and can still manage data in a single global namespace. This can be explained in simple terms- suppose who have bought a StoneFly Scale Out NAS of say 100TB storage in 2014 and now in the current year, your storage needs have increased to 25TB more as per your business growth. Then you can add another StoneFly Scale Out NAS node to meet your capacity requirements. But all files located on the second node and on the first node can be viewed on a consolidated note which happens to be single global namespace.

This feature helps enterprises which have more than 500 employees and where files need to be shared among different processes.

For more details click on the above stated Stonefly Scale Out NAS web links.

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