Why body worn camera users should use DNF Security video storage appliances

Body worn camera usage policing has picked up in United States to such an extent that over 63 percent and more law enforcement agencies have adopted this technology on full scale. But as agencies go down the road of deploying body-worn-cameras, the deployment enthusiasm might die down due to operational costs.

Normally, a body worn camera might come for a minimum price of $685 for a government bid. Apart from the camera cost, the storage expenses incurred might run into millions, as each officer wearing a camera might generate 8,000 to 10,000 videos per month consuming Terabytes of video storage on yearly basis.

In Wichita, Kansas, the police department has proposed selling a helicopter used to search for suspects in order to fund its body worn cameras program for hundreds of officers.

So, under tight budgets, it becomes difficult to implement the program on full scale to law enforcement in coming days. But they can’t either compromise on any of the requirements needed to implement a body worn camera program.

This is where DNF Security can come to the rescue of law enforcement agencies as all DNF Falcon series of video storage appliances can be integrated to cloud storage.

By doing so, law enforcement agencies can store frequently accessed data on the physical appliance and can push archives to cloud storage for data retention purposes.

Users( police officers in this case) will never need an extra appliance to store archives as per data retention needs(90-180 days). They can store all the data meant for archival purpose on DNF Security Cloud Connection. They just need to pay for the capacity they are using and can utilize data services like deduplication to optimize their storage resources.

DNF Cloud Connection supports cloud storage in Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud, StoneFly Cloud Business Center or else a private/public cloud of user’s choice.

So, with a DNF Security video storage solution, law enforcement agencies can focus on other objectives, as their concern for a cost effective storage solution for body worn cameras is solved.

Just make a call and start a conversation.

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