Disaster recovery solution and backup: Why Small Businesses should invest into it:

In today’s day and time, you can’t bear to lose your digital information. Whether the loss of your data is caused by a natural mishap, a human blunder, or a digital assault, it is not only risky but also expensive and very inconvenient. That is the reason you require a disaster recovery solution as well as backup for your data.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Large business owners are usually familiar with the importance of having a backup and disaster recovery solution for their data, and therefore, they are prepared for any sort of mishap. On the other hand, small business owners often believe that their businesses are not vulnerable torisk. Small business owners wrongly assume that the large corporations are more likely to have security issues; and as a result they do not spend time on getting a backup and disaster recovery plan for their businesses.

As per a survey conducted by Security Week, over the recent years, businesses have lost 400% more data as compared to the previous years. What is even more alarming is the fact that this trend does not seem to be changing at any point in the near future. With the increase in large data, the introduction of cloud computing and the trend of bringing your own devices to work, it is turning out to be progressively trying for organizations to secure their private information.

According to IT Web, the aggregate expense of data mishaps will be beyond $2.1 trillion by the year 2019. This to some extent is due to the fact that small organizations or businesses don’t generally consider security important.

According to Verizon report, just minor data mishaps alone will cost somewhere between $18,120 and $35,730. Small business owners should take a look at these numbers and analyze if they can afford to have such losses; if not, then it is time for them to take backup and disaster recovery solutions into consideration.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Benefits of having backup and disaster recovery solution:

  • Although backup and disaster recovery plan cannot ensure that a data breach will never occur, it will protect your business from losing all data. Moreover, having a backup and disaster recovery solution will also make sure that any downtime – which a business owner might face due to a natural or technical mishap, will not negatively impact the business.
  • Technology is an essential part of any business today. More and more companies are turning towards cyber space to store data and other critical information. At the same time cyber crime is also increasing. Hackers are often attacking small businesses that lack protection. A backup and disaster recovery solution will provide the businesses with the required protection.
  • Backup and disaster recovery solution keeps all your critical data safe.In case of emergency, you can reach that data and restore it.
  • Backup and disaster recovery solution protects you from all sorts of mishaps. Whether you lose your data due to a cyber attack, hardware failure, technical faults or employee’s carelessness, if you have a backup and disaster recovery plan, there is nothing to worry about.

How to choose a backup and disaster recovery plan?

There are many service providers offering backup and disaster recovery solutions in the market. In order to choose the one that works best for your business, keep the following things in mind.

  • Choose a backup and disaster recovery solution that is compatible with the hardware that you use for your business.
  • Choose a plan that is cost-effective. Chances are that as your business grow you will have more data to store. An expensive backup and disaster recovery plan will cause you to invest more money.
  • Check around for the reputation of the service provider. Look for the reviews and see if their previous customers are happy with the service or not. Do not rush into a plan until you are satisfied with it.
  • Make sure that the backup and disaster recovery plan you are going with, provides 24/7 customer service.

Better safe than sorry:

Disaster Recovery Plan

No business owner will ever want to face a data mishap. However, the fact is that technical mishaps, human errors, cyber attacks and system shutdowns are unavoidable and can occur at any time. It is wise to accept the dangers and prepare for them, rather than staying in denial.

Backup and disaster recovery solution provides you with the protection that your business requires and helps you in making your data secure.

This article has been rewritten for StorageServers. It was originally published at Entrperneur.com

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