Google Is Buying Cloud Computing Companies

Google, an American multinational company, deals in technology and internet related services and products. Their highly demanded products are search, software, cloud computing and online advertising technologies. Google is known to buy the product when they are usually interested in a new start-up.

Google Drive:


This is one of the products of Google. It was formerly called as Google Docs. It is created for the purpose of file storage and synchronization service. It allows users to share files, edit documents, store files in the cloud, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators.
Interestingly, when Google is interested in a startup, they usually ask the corporate development department if they can buy the product altogether or not. One of the highly demanded products has remained Enterprise.

Why Google buys small cloud companies?

Google Cloud Event With VP Of Operations Urs Holzle

After the department of Google’s app and cloud was taken over by Diane Greene, the company has been interested in smaller companies. All the companies bought Google have a common trait; they all deal with cloud storage businesses. In addition, all these businesses have multiple providers. However, Google aims to be the sole provider in the field and create its domination in the field of this service provider. One of the recent business startup buys by Google is Orbitera. It has been working since five years and deals with automated billing and sells processes in the cloud.
Interoperability is the next big thing and it is going to stay:
It is the ability of a system or a product to work with other systems or products without special effort on the part of the customer. Some of the Chief Operating Officers of the cloud companies think that buying small companies like Orbitera is a good addition for Google.

Google keeping its deal with Orbitera a secret:

Both the companies, Google and Orbitera, did not disclose the details of the deal. Orbitera is known to raise only $2 million. Nevertheless, the deal matches the overall enterprise strategy of Google. The plan basically is to form domination over the market by unifying the sales organization, instead of unorganized and too many teams aiming to reach the levels of revenues as Microsoft and Amazon.
The strategy is rather simple to acquire smaller businesses instead of bigger acquisitions. This helps in targeting all the niche markets and filling all the market gaps. Hence, the juxtaposition of all the missing parts of the cloud apps and marketing technology completes the puzzle for the provision of the service.


Google started its business seventeen years ago. All these years it has evolved and has come up with strategies that has not only increased their portfolio in terms of products and services but has also increased the standard of technological performances. To maintain a monopoly in the market, Google takes over all small businesses. This actually becomes a barrier growth for the small business, yet an opportunity for Google to grow more and more. Lastly, it has ensured that no stoned is left unturned, in terms of niche markets.


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