Pokémon Go: Here’s the storage scalability lesson to learn from it.

Pokémon Go has taken over the world.

Every day we come across numerous news and events that involve the augmented reality based app and its users.

In its initial launch, Pokémon Go faced numerous server crashes which left  users waiting for the game to load up. Considering that around 200 million users were logging on to the game, it was quite a feat for Niantic (the company behind Pokémon Go) to go on.  For us all, Pokémon Go shows how applications are changing the dynamics of data storage scalability.


It’s not just Pokémon Go, it’s everyone!

Powerful applications, complicated business processes, and the regulations have increased the need for additional storage. Take pharmaceutical companies, for instance, they are now moving towards digital storage to store all their critical data like MRI scans.

And they are not alone. Hedge fund management companies are also in need for more data storage. The “tick level” data has to be stored to ensure they meet the financial regulations and to access it easily when creating strategies for the future.

Businesses now rely on their data centers to help them store crucial data. This data needs to be stored not only securely but also remain easily accessible to their users. However, another factor that many businesses hope to achieve is getting more performance from their applications through their storage infrastructure.

IT managers have to work with the growing needs of their companies. This is why many data centers slowly regress towards server sprawl and offer poor performance and more downtime. The costs of managing them also increase exponentially.

Now here’s the catch:

Your IT managers can spend a considerable amount of money on adding more storage to their existing storage but this doesn’t increase the performance of their applications or the efficiency of their storage servers. Here businesses often have to ask themselves, how much they are willing to pay to get more from their servers.

Scaled-out NAS to the rescue:

Just like Pokémon Go, any business that has to deal with overwhelming data can work with scaled-out NAS solutions. Scaled-out NAS architecture works for businesses as they allow them to increase their storage while also increasing their data center efficiency.

Scalability is what every business wants. If they are growing, their data needs will also grow. To make sure they can play catch up, IT managers can rely on the scale out NAS appliances like Stonefly’s SSO.  It’s designed for enterprises that have to work with high bandwidth throughput. With it, your business can easily scale up to 36 drives whereas offers 288 terabytes of storage per chassis, up to 256 drives per node.

Take it this way, Stonefly’s SSO is the best option for your business to achieve scalability in data storage.  Basically, with SSO, you can add it to your existing data center easily. Every node that is added will add more storage capacity while also improves the overall efficiency of your data center as it brings more throughput and concurrency..


Reduce costs:

Let’s talk about CAPEX now. CAPEX is the direct cost your business incurs for the storage and its space (this includes facilities and power). With Stonefly’s SSO, your data center cost will go down as they are more efficient compared to traditional storage options.  The reason for this is that it offers better utilization rate. The appliance uses all its resources and can easily integrate with both nearline and enterprise SAS while also supports SSD tiering in the same chassis. Saving both money and space for your business.

Boost your productivity:

As discussed with Pokemon Go, it is now vital for businesses to rely on storage for better performance and productivity. The SSOTM is perfect when it comes to unstructured data. I/O intensive applications are also easily supported by the appliance.

Here it gets even more interesting, with SSOTM, your business can easily set up nearline storage for data that is infrequently used by your employees but has to remain online when needed.

With petabyte scale storage at your disposal, employees are able to access stored data like audio and video easily. This further helps in reducing disruptions at work whereas also helps in generating savings for your business.


No down time with deployment!

Deployment of SSOTM is fairly easy. This allows for no downtime during storage expansion.  With Stonefly’s SSOTM, you can simple add another node to your existing infrastructure and its performance and capacity will be available to you instantly and can be shared across your data infrastructure.

Enjoy the benefits of single namespace:

Best part about SSOTM is its single namespace feature. A single presentation of all your file system data is quite beneficial. It helps in making the management of your data simple from one single interface. Whenever your IT managers have to work with different file systems stored in multiple locations, a single interface helps to present all the data as if it’s in same location.

Did we tell you what SSO stands for? It’s Super Scale Out! The Stonefly SSOTM is perfect machine for businesses that have to work with increasing data needs. If you are currently looking for a scalable solution for your data needs, get in touch with us today.


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