Understanding why Private Cloud Storage works for your business:

No one can deny the many benefits of cloud computing. However businesses are now looking for elastic IT infrastructure that can grow or shrink according to their demands while not sacrificing security, performance or control. This is where private cloud computing is making its mark.


For many, whenever cloud computing comes into discussion, Google or Amazon come to the mind. However for many businesses these are not feasible as though they offer cost reduction and flexibility, they need something that resolves their availability and security issues. That is why private cloud is taking prominence among companies looking for greater security and regulatory compliance like banks.

Cloud computing solutions offered by StoneFly allow businesses to get reliability, cost reduction and greater security in cloud infrastructure.

Enjoy improved reliability with our private cloud computing:

When your business opts for StoneFly’s private cloud, you enjoy complete peace of mind with predictable service that is always available for all users. Our private cloud is supported by strong, fault tolerant networks.

With StoneFly’s private cloud solutions, all your processes and applications run on virtualized environment. This creates a powerful, resilient and fault tolerant infrastructure that wouldn’t have individual failures native in physical infrastructures.

Secure yourself with our private cloud solutions:

Public cloud services do come with layers of security. However for businesses like banks that can’t rely on shared cloud, want more. To help them, StoneFly private cloud is protected through your organization’s firewall. Your IT manager can also restrict access to the connections. Also, you can use dedicated leased lines to ensure all your business operations are safe from prying eyes.

Enjoy resource efficiency through cloud computing.

When you opt for cloud services, your business will see an increased efficiency in their allocation of resources as everyone will be able to access directly to the information. Secondly private cloud is loved by bean counters as though it isn’t as cheap as public cloud, it does compensate through efficient usage of your resources compared to traditional LANs by reducing data center footprint.


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