Hybrid Cloud Storage The New Paradigm for Enterprises

According to the latest research studies, the adoption of Hybrid Cloud Storage is expected to accelerate rapidly over the next year. 112 out of 400 organizations surveyed in the USA and the UK already use Hybrid Cloud Storage with another 160 planning to employ it within the next 12 months.


The drives for the move towards Hybrid Cloud Storage are many, with Data Backup being the most popular reason. Web Infrastructure is the second with 52% respondents reporting deployments or intentions to deploy. Technical applications are also driving the go for Hybrid Cloud Storage services with 43%.

On the other hand, there are several concerns associated with deploying the Hybrid Cloud Storage technology. As companies are constrained by internal policy and external regulation rules, not all their data can go into the public cloud. This leaves more than half of a company’s data on the site of which consumer records and financial information, for reasons of security, governance, and compliance rules.cbc1[1].jpg

StoneFly’s Cloud Business Center (CBC) Service enables companies to easily add virtual dedicated cloud storage to their datacenter premises (servers) without the need for a new storage appliance. Financial and customer records can be stored in private dedicated clouds reducing capital expenses, power and cooling requirements and server operation expenses.

Private cloud storage services come with data deduplication, data replication, mirroring and most important of all data volume encryption services to provide security for enterprise’s vital financial and customer records. For those who need to keep specific data types on premises StoneFly’s CBC Virtual Dedicated Storage offers a maximum security and protection solution.

Cloud Business Center (CBC) also provides a public cloud option for companies looking to make huge impacts on storage efficiency. Less used data can be saved in the public cloud to save floor space footprints, operation costs, and storage server maintenance costs.

StoneFly’s both private and public Hybrid Cloud Storage Services are empowered with backup and disaster recovery features, enabling large or small enterprises to implement backup inexpensively with remote iSCSI, remote replication, remote backup, and co-location options.


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