Don’t Just Sit There! Start benefiting from the Microsoft Azure Services

Build websites

You can build websites with Microsoft Azure websites. This is a platform as a service (PaaS) solution and it’s great if you want to quickly build and deploy new sites, do Dev and test or migrate an existing site that’s already in production.

Microsoft Azure website has support for great features like custom domains, SSL, auto scaling and provides an SLA on single stand instances. You can create new applications from scratch or deploy existing ones built in ASP.NET, PHP, Python or Node.js. It’s that flexible, it’s also very scalable making it easy for you to scale up your site, the larger instances or scale out the multiple ones. It’s secure with enterprise grade availability with support for SSL and Active Directory authentication, making it possible to build applications for business workloads.

Mobile Services

With Microsoft Azure mobile services, you can easily and quickly build cross-platform mobile apps that scale. Mobile services provide a turnkey solution for storing data in the cloud, authenticating users, sending push notifications and adding service side business logic.

Azure CLoud Sorage

By allowing you to leverage the full suite of Microsoft Azure services including active directory, service bus and websites as well as Microsoft global network of datacenters, mobile services are perfect for both consumer-facing apps to respond to variable demand and employee facing apps that require high availability and enterprise grade security.

Microsoft Azure Media Services

This is a platform level service that enables developers to build solutions for ingesting, processing, managing and delivering media content. This is built on top of the infrastructure of Microsoft Azure and IIS media services. You have access to both Microsoft and third-party technologies to accurate it, make ready to use and integrate it into a single platform, simplifying the creation of end-to-end media solutions.

Microsoft Azure has that great momentum, with more than half of Fortune 500 companies using Microsoft Azure. Also Microsoft is doubling compute and storage capacity every six months.

To put it into perspective in two minutes it takes to make yourself a cup of coffee, Microsoft Azure Active Directory has already processed over 1 million authentications from many devices and users around the world.

Secure and Trustworthy

CLoud Storage For azure

Microsoft Azure represents a massive investment in the cloud and takes advantage of all experience in the industry. Today it runs some of the largest global services securely and efficiently such as Being or Office 365, and it runs over 200 global services 24/7. With these stats to show you how large the scale and global Microsoft Azure operations are, you can rest assured that security and operational efficiency is at our core.

Resilience and Scale

The other concern that you might have is resiliency. With Microsoft Azure everything is designed to fail because resources are plentiful. This means that Azure can take a different approach when building applications.

We all know that any part of your App can fail, but if your web server tier fails Azure makes sure that your application can keep on working. How you do this is by having multiple instances of your Web tier. Any of these copies can fail but Microsoft Azure can make sure that it detects and recovers from these failures by spinning up a new instance.

The platform also makes sure that your application instances are separated across redundant parts of the underlying physical infrastructure. In Microsoft Azure these are called fault domains. Using Microsoft Azure storage as an example if you give a file to Microsoft Azure it saves that file three times in three different fault domains. If any copies of the file fail the platform creates another copy. With this Microsoft Azure makes sure that your data is always safe when you store it in Microsoft Azure.

You can learn more and get started by signing up for Cloud Storage Services at Microsoft Azure.


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