School Outsmarts Ransomware

The Cryptolocker virus, a malware that kidnaps documents and holds them for ransom. Corporations are not the only ones under cyber-attack.

Ransomware has no limits; often attacking schools. That’s exactly what happened at Bedford school. Established by English royal charter in 1552, today Bedford school is an independent school serving 1100 boys (ages 7 – 18) and employing 300 staff. They were attacked by the Cryptolocker virus. A wealth of personal and professional files developed over the period of eight years became encrypted. Within those files they had many of the cricket team materials that they collected in the historical backgrounds of players that played for them. They would have lost all their records over time and it would have been disastrous.


Image source Veeam


How Veeam helped them to deal with the attack

They panicked when they knew that all three copies of their files had been encrypted. They turned to Veeam software. Veeam enabled them to deal with the attack very quickly because they kept restore points every day going back at least a week and then further back fortnightly.

They were confident that they will be able to find a restore point before the files were encrypted, and although it took a little time, they were able to find that restore point because they were able to use individual item restore rather than complete server restore. They did not have to restore the whole server back to that point but just find the files that have been encrypted and restore just those files.

All the files were restored. No ransom was paid

They were delighted with the results. Replacing some of the professional work material was going to take a huge amount of time excluding personal links and the list of students, all photos of field trips overseas and things they have done – It was a huge relief.

The day-to-day management takes them perhaps five or ten percent of the time that it used to with their legacy system. When it comes to restore again it takes about five or ten percent of the time that it used to take.


Image source Veeam


Veeam takes backup and recovery to the next level

The best thing about Veeam is the security. Knowing that all your files are backed up is invaluable. Veeam gave them reassurance that with it running, all the files on their system, whether it is individual pupil files or staff files for school administration, files are all securely protected.

You can put Veeam in the same bracket as your house insurance. In a computer environment you need Veeam rather more regularly either because you may get hit with a malware or because somebody corrupts a file or deletes a file accidentally.

Veeam restore to azure gives you the assurance that you can recover from those incidents quickly and easily. It is not something that you necessarily feel you are going to need every day but when a crisis hits it is very nice to know that Veeam is there. The Cryptolocker virus leaves you with one choice; pay ransom or lose your files forever. Veeam gives you a much better choice; protect your organization with high speed recovery from reliable backups.


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