The Biggest Security concerns for businesses Using File Sync and Share

We obviously are seeing adoption of those cloud services because they are so easy to use. It is very easy to just use a cloud file sync and share service instead of an FTP setup that your company has, or a VPN connection that your company gives your employees.

How important security actually is?


Because 20% of the global workforce telecommute, they are using their mobile devices for work files, anywhere and everywhere and if they lose files or if they lose devices then your files of the company are in jeopardy.

45% of businesses use consumer cloud size to share sensitive business information like financial files, quarterly reportings, revenue goals etc. 30% of employees have used unapproved cloud storage services for work related files, which could be a severe security threat for businesses.

63% of businesses use remote storage devices like USB drives to transfer confidential work files, and remember those files on those drives are not encrypted so anybody who gets access to those drives does have access to your company data.

One data breach could be devastating because your company data is digital most of the time and those files could be exposed.

Security Concerns with Consumer-grade File Sync and share solutions

The biggest security concerns when using a consumer-grade file sync and share software is the threat of outside attackers that can lead to data loss or theft. That is something a lot of people that are using cloud storage services are concerned about.

If you are using one of the more prominent services like Dropbox or one drive they are obviously a high target for attackers or hackers because they want the user information that is on there.

Because of those security threats, a business should not use a consumer-grade cloud storage services. Also due to the lack of control they give you in terms of managing your files with your team and employees.

You need to make sure that your business is protected at all times and an enterprise grade or a business grade file sharing and sync solution will help just in that. 365Vault file share and sync solution empowered by StoneFly™ sees security as a number one priority for them and for their clients.

Learn more about 365Vault enterprise corporate account today and discover the any device, anyplace, any time enterprise file sync and share solution that makes sense for everyone.


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