Veeam Cloud Connect: A Simple Guide to Starting Your Veeam-Powered Cloud Services

With over 230,000 Veeam customers and 13.3 million VMs protected, the market for hosted Veeam backup repositories is huge. Veeam Cloud Connect lets you tap into this market to acquire new customers and build recurring revenue.

Because Veeam Cloud Connect is 100% channel focused, it doesn’t offer its own cloud or backup service. Instead, Veeam enables service providers like you to pursue the business opportunity.

Veeam Cloud Connect provides multi-tenant support so you can manage cloud repositories for multiple customers from a single interface. Cloud gateways eliminate the need for a VPN by virtualizing all traffic to a single port using SSL to securely transmit data from the customer’s infrastructure to yours.

Centralized resource management allows for storage allocation to each customer. Also, out of the box reports and alerts to track storage consumption, manage expiration dates and send automatic renewal reminders.

All that is protected in-fight with SSL. For customers who need an additional level of security, Veeam Cloud Connect to Private cloud  can also encrypt data at source before it leaves your network parameter.

Setup Process of the Veeam Cloud Connect

The first step to getting Veeam Cloud Connect up and running is utilizing Veeam certificate management system. Veeam can generate a self-signed certificate or can import one from a CA.

Once that’s taken care of, you can create your first cloud gateway. It’s worth mentioning that Veeam recommends having more than one gateway to support high availability. Also, to take advantage of load belching.veeam cloud connect

We will select a machine to serve as a gateway and assign one port for all traffic between the customer site and yours. Go into Cloud Gateways and then right click and select “Properties” to edit the “Cloud Gateway”.

veeam cloud connect in azure

In the networking section, we will choose whether this machine is connected directly to the internet via a NIC and an associated IP address or whether it is sitting behind a NAT device. And we need to forward to an internal port.

veeam cloud connect to private cloud

A few “next” clicks later and we are good to go. To create our first user, we are going to assign the user a name as well as a password or have Veeam Cloud Connect automatically generate a password for us.

veeam cloud connect

We have an option to set a lease expiration. In this example, we have set the user’s contract to one-year. So the user’s lease expires one year from today.

Next, we would dedicate resources. We are taking our very large pool of storage and we are cutting it up into pieces and assign those pieces to the user. Here, the user has 100 gigs of Quota available.

veeam cloud connect replication

You also have the option to add in WAN acceleration. You set up WAN accelerator at your site, and the customer uses their source WAN accelerator and we significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed when copying their backup files to your location.

That’s it! This user is ready to copy backup files to Veeam’s infrastructure now. The only thing you need to supply them is DNS information, their username and a password. Once the user copies the backup files to Veeam’s site, Veeam Cloud Connect to Azure can import those files in and then optionally perform file level recovery, application item recoveries or even recover full virtual machines to Veeam’s infrastructure.

Veeam Backup and Replication in StoneFly Cloud helps you to get your backups off site without the cost and complexity of managing an offsite infrastructure.


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